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“What are your magic words?”

Everyone has “magic words” that can produce a moment of clarity; sometimes they come from our innermost selves and at other times they may be  uttered by another human being.   They are as unique and elusive as a butterfly but in every human there is an understanding of life and survival waiting to be heard.

When the interventionist said the magic words: “We know what’s been going on.”, the lie I had been living just fell apart.  My life was like a castle of sand held together with gray tape and old 2 x 4’s; it just couldn’t last.  The horrible truth leapt into focus at that moment. I somehow knew if I didn’t grab this opportunity, something truly disastrous was going to happen.  Somebody was going to die and it probably wouldn’t be me.  So, when asked if I wanted to go into treatment/rehab, I opened my mouth and out came, “Okay”.

This was the moment of clarity; this was the grace.   Circumstances had conspired to make me ready.  I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt; an enormous burden had been lifted.   The whole mad cycle was over.  I did not know what “treatment” meant and it scared me badly, but it had to be better than where I was.

I cannot express my gratitude to those folks who had the courage to tell me the truth. Today I live a life of happy, joyous usefulness and I am the richest man on earth.  Oh, I have money and stuff but what I’m really talking about is the peace in my life.  I sleep really well at night; I stand on this earth without fear.   What a remarkable place to be!


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