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August 2012

Florida--August 2012

I wake up in the morning overwhelmed with gratitude.  How awesome to have a partner on this journey.  When all this health stuff came down the real meaning of partnership rose to the surface.  Suddenly Sandy had to take over every area of our lives.  I realized that we are really in this together.   The strength of our relationship became even more obvious.   We are so connected that if I want to know how I feel, all I have to do is ask Sandy.   If I’m exhausted, she’s exhausted; if my back hurts, same with her.   The emotional connection is so strong, it’s almost scary.   How she walks the fine line between taking care of me and not treating me like an invalid child is masterful.

We have our little tiffs but because of our commitment to our spiritual life and our partnership we can actually pause and reevaluate our positions.  What an incredible gift.  So many times she is coming from the east and I’m coming from the west that you think we would be used to it.  As we maneuver for position and struggle to hang on, we discover that many times we are headed for the same place.  This has taken practice and a willingness to stand on the beach when the cannibals seem to be pouring out of the jungle.   My first thought is, I have to FLEE!

Together we  have discovered that it is just the lie trying to freeze us into immobility.  It happens in every area of our lives, from choosing what to have for dinner, to collaboration in our art work; we have to negotiate in everything.  We have a wonderful way to start our day, we make our bed together.  It may sound funny but this can seem like a life threatening situation, even so we have to cooperate to get it done.   So many times we start our day with a laugh at ourselves and the spiritual principles are much easier to practice.

To be blessed with such an awesome partner, to have someone to help me keep the crossroads in sight, to have someone to help keep the lie from owning our days is the most wonderful gift imaginable.   I implore you to be the gift with your partner.  Make every effort to never criticize, fault-find, or blame.   Never say something you can’t  take back.  Always encourage, compliment, appreciate or praise.  If I can’t say something positive, why don’t I just shut up.   There is always a way to be the gift.

God bless you, I love you,


  • mary

    My husband, partner, and I have been together for 42 years. It is truly amazing how you learn to let your differences melt and you see the extraordinary human that you’ve been gifted to share your life with. To recognize this gift, is to experience bliss, happiness, and true love. Sharing the journey together gives each of you untold strength and respect. May you two continue to share your journey blessed with courage, health, and love. Gratitude to you both for being willing to share…

  • Summer

    I see so much of my husband and I in your words and yet, somehow, we cannot seem to truly come together as you and your wife have. Perhaps this is a good blueprint…thank you for sharing your love, devotion and wisdom.


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