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Recovery is the only solution to fear.  It does not matter what the fear is; it is a lie that controls my life. The discovery of this simple truth has been an arduous process.  Like all good lies it can’t stand the light of day.  Whatever crisis brings me to an awakening, I must now pay attention. Simple but not easy; a price has to be paid.  It means the exposure of my fear.

At the core of my fear is the belief that I am not enough, I don’t measure up and I am inadequate.  My fear gathered evidence for this lie and I could see no other way until my spiritual, physical, emotional collapse dissolved my world; nothing was left and a door opened.  My initial thought, Oh my God, have I been wrong all this time?  The answer appears to be YES!

I am grateful that a support group appeared at my feet.  It had been there all along and it had but one purpose—to expose the lie. The folks in this group were united in that cause; there are thousands of diversions and they are familiar with them all.  God bless their understanding. No matter what, return to the solution.  Keep the fear exposed.

12 Step groups are everywhere to address almost any human problem. They are ready and willing to take you through the process of self-examination and personal enlightenment. When you are ready to look, the truth stands as bright as a rainbow. These groups use the 36 spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (Steps, Traditions and Concepts).

Tradition One is what makes recovery possible.  Hammered out on anvils of experience the groups stick with what works, they do not deviate from the clear and simple solution to the spiritual disease of fear.  Our unity is the 12 Steps. They provide a clear and understandable recipe.  No matter what the problem is, it will fit under the umbrella of the spiritual principles.

For some reason I cannot remember this, so I need a group dedicated to returning over and over again to my source of freedom. Our unity saves countless lives; it’s not my way but a way that really works.  In our book “Dig Deep in One Place” we take you through what this process looks like from two points of view.   The beauty and power of the recipe is difficult to describe but anyone who has done it can take you through it.  It is possible to do it alone but it is best to have a guide in spiritual matters because we can rationalize so well.   It is so easy to get lost in all the noise and clamor of modern life.

With a sure and steady guide, the door will be opened to you so that what you need will come.   Frequent group meetings as often as possible to keep on the broad highway of discovery.  The effort required is minimal compared to the astonishing results that can be achieved.  You can do it.  Remember, courage is unremitting willingness.

God bless you, I love you,   Bill

  • Catherine Lyon, Author

    Hello Sandy & Bill, loved this article! I just stopped by to say Hi, and to say I really like your website. I did mine by my little self, so not so polished as yours…LOL… Maybe you’ll take a peek, my link is and to ask if I could list your link to my recovery resource page?? Let me know. Just send me an email. God Bless! Catherine

  • Eve (Evelyn) Adams

    Thank you, Bill or Sandy for finding me.

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your site and work for over an hour. There is so much I would like to share with you both.

    I look forward to knowing you,
    following you now, as well—
    Naturally Bent

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