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“The Gift of Sponsorship”

“Love is seeing yourself in another without fear”

When my sponsor and I started into the 12 Steps, she gave me a carefully defined set of assignments.  I became extremely grateful for the set of guidelines she provided for me.  I needed definite directions because I was undisciplined and scattered.  My thought processes were vague and mushy.  Part of this problem was because I was withdrawing from an addiction I had indulged in for years and part came from the fact that I hadn’t focused on learning anything new for quite a while.  Not everyone needs this and there are many ways to sponsor a newcomer or even someone who has been around for a while, but I sure did.

When I asked her to be my sponsor, I requested that she teach me a way to pass this on to others.  I had become convinced that if I didn’t learn to pass this on, I would not be allowed to continue to come to the meetings.  Thank God, this is not true, but it was enough to force me into asking for help.   I then asked what I could do to pay her back for this and she told me that the only way I would be able to repay her was to make the effort to pass this on to at least one other person.  I agreed because I really needed her help to change my life and I had come to believe that the 12 Steps might just work for me.     Even though I had asked and had been told, I still did not realize the commitment she was making to me or the commitment I was making and how it would change my attitude and outlook on life.

As we took the actions suggested in the 12 Steps, I changed from a person who could only commiserate with her girlfriends to someone with a real answer.   As I started to sponsor others, I began to read the literature with someone else in mind.   The women I have the privilege of sponsoring give me the gift of understanding my human condition, they are me; I am them.

I studied and read even more because it was to help another, but I received much more than this.  I got more insight into myself and how to practice the spiritual principles of acceptance, open-mindedness, willingness, honesty, love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, and joy.    And as I practice these things in my life, I have happy joyous freedom

It doesn’t seem to matter if I am practicing perfectly; I have made a commitment to bring a spiritual answer no matter what.  In that I remind myself of the answer to my own difficulties.  It is a gift beyond measure; a gift I give others and myself.

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