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Goodbye to my Barbarian

recovery and spiritual principlesGoodbye to my Barbarian. I am so glad that you do not have to feel the pain anymore. Bill left this earth on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 11:40 am, almost exactly one month after our return from Brazil. We did not get the miracle we demanded of a complete and total cure from the cancer he so valiantly fought since March 2012 but I believe he was healed on a deep spiritual level by our journey to Abadiania to be with John of God for two weeks. I will always remember him for his relentless pursuit of Recovery and the Spiritual Principles. I will hear his voice forever reminding me and himself to “Be the Gift”. His enthusiasm and joy of living will fuel the rest of my life to continue to carry the message that there is a way out of the spiritual disease ofin memory of Bill fear no matter how it manifests in your life. You are my husband, friend, lover and sponsor. You are my love and soul mate now and forever. Thank you digging deep with me in the incredible experience of our relationship. I will honor your commitment until we meet again on our “Rainbow Bridge” one day.

  • Kori Guy

    I love this visual pict. of the Rainbow Bridge, holding that in my mind’s eye. My prayer for you is that a joyful life is still there for you, even though it’s a new adventure for you. I found new ways to find comfort for myself during lonely times, that I will hang onto even though now I do have a good companion. I have learned I never know what tomorrow holds, so I’m using & hanging onto those things that you taught me. Thank you, I love you!! AND, I’m serious about you coming out here for a visit, a place to get away. My new address is: 40340 Riverview Dr., Chiloquin,Oregon 97624….same phone number (720-212-4894. Love you deeply, Kori

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